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Publishing Diverse Children's Books

by tristan mc


Publishing of Children's Books
Module 3 Task 1
Why aren't more books with diverse characters being published?
Good news, we are on the right track!
The CCBC says, "After a long period of stagnancy, we began to see signs of positive change in 2014/2015, right around the time We Need Diverse Books was established. By 2020, the numbers of books we received about BIPOC characters and by BIPOC authors and illustrators had tripled. This is encouraging and, if this trend continues, we may soon see a world in which publishing for children and teens reflects the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences within and across race and culture."
There is still more work to do.
How teachers can help:
1. Create lesson plans with current award winning literature.

2. Curate a diverse classroom library.

3. Encourage your BIPOC students to write and illustrate!

4. Question and deepen your own understanding of other cultures.

5. Consider sharing your own story!