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Trabajo Remedial English

by Andrés Pillajo

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Remedial work
Andrés Pillajo
Mr. Darwin Salazar
Automotive Mechanical Workshop:
1. Be responsible for customers.
2. Be always on time at my work.
3. Have all the necessary tools for a vehicle.
4. Make my workshop recognized.
5. Give a good service for customers.
Achieving mi goal
Posted by Andrés, July 16
In about 9 years, when I am 25 years, I am determined to open my own Automobile Mechanic Workshop. In order to achieve this, I will have to dedicate myself to study and be responsible with all my projects.

In addition, I will talk to my parents about the university career that I want to study. It is Automotive Engineering. So, I will need help from them because Automotive Engineering is an expensive career. Also, the mechanical knowledge will help me to get a part time job which it will help me to support the cost of the career. Furthermore, the experience that I will get in a part time job at working in a real automotive workshop, it will show me the first steps that I can follow to open my own auto-mechanic workshop.

For that reason, I will be responsible for customers, be always on time at my work and learn more about all the necessary tools for repairing a vehicle.
I am sure, if I practice those steps, I will make a good job for being my own workshop recognized. So, I will study and work too hard to be really prepared to open my mechanical workshop and give a good service for customers.

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