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by Emanie Irving-Victor


Did you know that hurricanes are actually name cyclones
Hurricanes by Emanie Inriving
Imagine if you where in a hurricane what would you do? Remember when you where spinning a earth globe? Pretend it’s a hurricane, hurricanes spin faster and faster then real faster until they get to 74 miles per hour that’s there maximum speed.
Did you that Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico caused over $90 billion dollars in damage? Hurricanes go 74 miles per hour, so they are really fast. Hurricanes usually come in Hurricanes season which is Mid-August to late-October. Each hurricane has a name so people can keep track where the hurricane is at especially a Meteorologist, but it won’t get a name if it goes less then 39 miles per hour if it does go 39 miles per our it becomes a tropical storm and gets a name.
Hurricanes can cause a flood by the wind by pushing the water up to land.
Hurricans can cause
lots of money and after a hurricane has passes it can cause Lots of dollars to fix a house. And can cause billions of dollars to fix a city or a state
Hurricanes are really really dangerous and Will take lots of time to fix houses and states
And for cities it cost a lot of money to fix the whole city it causes 10 million dollars
So make sure that
and take Shelter when a hurricane is coming
Do you know hurricanes has many names and can flood a house And did you know you have to bring your pets and evacuate and after a hurricane some of your food might’ve gotten spoiled because of the power outage
Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage
in a hurricane in the middle is the eye
RQ#3 Data and tools

The information when a natural disaster happened after half a hour is where the hurricane is.
Radios tell people data where a hurricane occurs or how far one is in a specific state for example Florida, cause Florida has a hurricane season between Mid-August to late October. Meteorologist find the information by investigating and getting data from the hurricane
Some tools that a meteorologist uses to measure a hurricane is a anemometer a anemometer collects how fast a hurricane is
RQ#5 Natural Hazards
First of all, a hazard is a dangerous thing that happens in a natural disaster. a hazard in a hurricane is, a hurricane can drown people and animals, this is dangerous because if your drowning you can’t breathe! This happens cause a hurricane can trap a person if you can’t breathe you can pass away!
Next, Hurricanes can break a house, and if you don’t have a house you don’t have shelter. A hurricane can fling or trap a you and it’s hard to escape it. It’s dangerous because if a hurricane goes to a house and there’s someone in there it can break the house and if there’s a oven running a hurricane can hit the oven and fling it, and then the oven could explode.
RQ#6 Impact on society and environment
Property, hurricanes can destroy homes and throw the houses around and it can squish a person if a house goes on a person they can suffocate
Hurricanes can help plants and give water to plants and animals

Hurricanes can make people pass away by drowning them also trapping them. and hurricanes are made of water so it can drown you cause can’t under water.
A hurricane can give water to plants and animals and water is important to plants and animals to survive
First, Hurricanes can have a positive and negative effects on society and environment.
Communities, hurricane can break communities apart. Hurricanes can destroy a town, or school, buildings, city’s and homes.