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Underwater Animals

by Ciara Nitz


The Orca Whale
This is an orca whale.
Orca whales are black with white markings.
What's special about the orca whale is that it can grow to be as big as a bus!
The Clownfish
This is a clownfish.
Clownfish are orange with white and black markings.
What's special about clownfish is that they are all born male!
The Dolphin
This is a dolphin.
Dolphins are a grey-blue colour.
What's special about the dolphin is that they have two stomachs!
The Jellyfish
This is a jellyfish.
Jellyfish can come in lots of different colours.
What's special about the jellyfish is that it has tentacles that can sting!
The Octopus
This is an octopus.
Octopuses can come in many different colours.
What's special about the octopus is that
it has 8 long tentacles!