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The Dark Web

by Gustav Jensen



The deep web refers to part of the internet that aren't indexed by the standard search engines like Google or Bing. This includes pages behind paywalls, private databases, encrypted networks, or sites that haven't been linked to by other pages. It's often used for legitimate purposes, such as private company databases, academic resources, or password-protected areas.
However, it's sometimes confused with the dark web, which is a small portion of the deep web. The dark web is intentionally hidden and accessed through special software like Tor. It's known for its anonymity and can host illicit activities, black markets, and other illegal content, though it also has legitimate uses for privacy and free speech in repressive regimes.
Users who often browse the deep web are people who has an extinct desire to remain anonymous when they are browsing the internet, which makes a lot of sense, since most goverments have online surveillance and do monitor citizens without knowing.

As previously mentioned, many people misunderstand the concept and difference between the deep and dark web. The deep web is simply to enhance the browsing and identity security while browsing. It is often seen, that in countries like China, the state scans and reads every message sent in WeChat owned by Tencent which is one of Asia’s largest companies.
Chapter 3
1:3 What is the dark web?
After entering the deep web, its possible to dig deeper and further down the hole you will find the dark web. Now, the dark web is not something you should mess with, as many of the users are black hat hackers who seek to find ways to harm you.

The dark web is often referred to as the secret web as its not possible to browse it normally. You would need a TOR browser and from there it should be possible to enter the site. The dark web contains a lot of awful content, I will talk about my personal experience on the next pages.
After finishing my 10EUX where hacking/coding/programming and electrical were my subjects I decided to enter the dark web through hacking backdoors with a group of enthusiastic people I stumbled across in my discovery when I browsed the deep web.

We had a similiar interest, we were a mix of new and experienced coders/programmers and people who worked with online security. After the group found a way to open and hack into a backdoor on the dark web we entered and from there split up, our interests no longer really aligned. I wanted to go as deep as possible and to "investigate" happenings and what went on the dark web.

Straight from the beginning I would like to point out how absolutely terrible it was. My journey first started at the hidden wiki, which is basically a wikipedia site for all the hidden and sketchy sites.

One after one I started opening every link, every website from the hidden wiki to find out which websites actually existed. The first few sites were pretty harmless, this was of course until i stumbled across one of the most famous and illegal sites. Silk Road. Silk Road is a secret website where you can buy every drug imagineable and other illegal contraband. The following page after that, was a page where you could hire a hitman, who would stop at nothing to kill your target for a favorable price.

However, even though this sounds pretty bad, the worst had yet to come. After spending hours of searching through the dark and disgusting websites, I stumbled across a chat room. I entered the chatroom and slowly started chatting, I began to ask scientific questions about the chat room and about other sites that are hidden to the hidden wiki.