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Ode to Ten Sleep

by Nikki Erickson


Ode to Ten Sleep
Written by 2022 Summer School Students
To the big mountains cooling people down;

To the kind people helping others together

To the Rice Ranch feeding people in the world;
you are home.

By Evin Rice
To the kind people helping others and taking care of neighbors and our community;
To the beautiful creek flowing from the lake so we can swim and tube;
To the fun splash pad spraying water and making kids have fun times;
To the cool dino crouching at the park with kids having fun on you and making sand bases; you are home.
By Logan Beall
To the loving, working moms that wave to us when we walk by;
To the buzzing bees pollinating the flowers for us to smell;
To the splash pad spraying cold water on hot kids on a summer day;
By Allie Mills