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Battle of Trenton

by Ryan Bushur


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Battle Of
By Ryan Bushur
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Setting and
Important Figures
The Battle of Trenton took place on the 26th of December in 1776 and some famous figures were Nathaniel Greene on the American side and James Grant on the British side.
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Guerilla Warfare
The main tactic that the Patriots used were guerilla warfare because they knew the terrain of the land so they were able to hide.
Significance of Battle
The significance of this battle was that when they defeated the Hessians, their morale got boosted and then they got hyped up and really excited.
Outcome/African slaves/Conditions
The final outcome of the battle were the patriots won. The conditions were vary bad because it was raining, snowing, hailing, and sleeting at the same time. For this battle there were a lot of African slaves fighting in this battle and in the revolutionary war slaves fought in almost every battle.