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Panic at the Zoo

by Felix and harry


panic at the zoo
By Felix and Harry
One sunny saturday morning my family went to the zoo. suddenly we heard people screaming and a loud voice say stop. we turn around to see what was happening and then
Jonny the elephant escaped from the cage and he was headbutting people around. The zoo keeper tried to catch up with Jonny the elephant and saying:"stop!" but Jonny didn't stop. And Jonny escaped from the Zoo.
The zoo keepers went to grab the shot guns that can put Jonny into sleep. They split up and tried to find the elephant. In the forest next to the cage, the zoo keepers found the panicked elephant and they gave him a sleep shot in the butt cheek.
In about 30 seconds, he fell down slowly. The zoo keepers called the truck company to arrange a strong zoo truck to bring Jonny back.
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The end