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Wizardry 101

by eli brett


By: Eli

Story inspired by Chris Van Allsburg
One day a little girl named Bethany had her birthday. She would be turning 9 which was the required age to go into ¨Wizardry Elementary¨. The school across town to learn wizardry and Bethany had been studying wizardry since she was five. It was her dream to be able to cast crazy spells and make potions. She had already known how to do some of them so she was all set.
On Bethany’s first day they would learn the basics such as getting the proper attire (the hat, robe, and staff) once they were dressed up they were informed that they would not be doing any spells or magic for the first couple weeks they would be cleaning up the classroom every day and other chores for about 2 weeks before any spell casting would be issued but Bethany didn't want to hear that so she hollered out “FRITZCAZTIZ” and thrusted her staff forward and a dog appeared on the other side of the classroom. Then it just walked out the teacher yelled at Bethany and told her to “go home we do not tolerate disrespectful children in this school” and the teacher took Bethany’s staff hat and robe then escorted her out of the school
The day after the incident at school Bethany was so angered by the fact she got banished from school so she learned the ways of “the dark magic of either” this was dark magic and instead of making a dog appear it could open up a dimension to the ninth realm releasing the demons and monsters that were trapped in their so long ago.