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The New Dog In Town

by Unknown


The New Dog In Town
Chapter One
When it all happened
It was a sunny Monday the busiest day of the week, Miaka was as always sitting by the the tree near a bench with baby birds chirping loudly. like the wind was screaming Miaka covered her ears, but there was something oddly still loud after getting used from all the noises the streets. where noisy and freeway cars beeped so loud! when Miaka herd another dog barking she ran over as quickly, Miaka could on her four paws the "dog said Hi my name is Bucky what's yours?" "Miaka Said oh my name is Miaka I never seen you here". "Bucky Said thats because I just moved",
Miaka said really I've been in this city for years!" "Bucky excitedly yipped can you show me around" "Miaka said uhh well I don't play or stay with dogs with owners" "Bucky said so you don't have an owner so your a stray?" "Miaka said yeah kinda"
"Bucky said well it was nice meeting you" after Bucky left Miaka knew there was a special connection. And Miaka's mother always said to help anyone who needs it. Then Miaka went to the houses in the city to look for Bucky's house but then Miaka remembered that Bucky said that he just moved so Miaka had to look for a moving truck. And finally saw a moving truck and she saw Bucky sitting on the green grass. " Miaka yelled Bucky!" until Bucky herd it "Bucky said what?
“Miaka said I know I was a little mean to you but I finally noticed that I could maybe help you if you have something to return in like some food or something” “ Bucky said I may have some food in my new house So I think that’s a deal ” Miaka Said ok that sounds nice so what type of food is it?” “ Bucky said well I don’t really know but it’s my new food that is my owner giving me”. “Miaka said well A short tour around the city I think would be good for some random food” “Bucky said sounds ok”
Bucky and Miaka where the dog team they sure where nice always saving dogs and helping dogs when there lost the where the real hero the helped all sorts of dogs labs poodles mixes and more! They where dog team there team was called doggo T the best dog team ever, they train but Bucky couldn't save all the time his owner needed to feed him and wash him and not worry if he was lost it would always be like it
Doggo T
Bucky knew the city to his paw to his tail. When Miaka sleeps Bucky snuck out to trouble Bucky wasn't the sweet dog Miaka thought. Bucky was a crime dog or something called the B dog Bucky real name was Bojo The B Dog The evilest dog in town
One night in Bucky ran to a random house on the city and got a huge bucket of paint and threw the paint all over it after going back to his owners house it was on the news he was a really troublemaker painted cars popped tires Ruining sidewalks and doing whatever he wanted, and when he didn’t go to do it he made more trouble he always make trouble you’ll never know where he made it. He was a sneaky little dog ever.
Chapter Two
The Real Crime