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Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

by Lucas Dowling

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chapter 1
Once upon a time there was a guy called shang chi who lived in a mansion with his army.Early one morning his army told him he needed to go to the hospital because his father was sick.He knew it was a long trip but he went anyways and he brought 7up in a bottle
chapter 2
Shang chi started running through the forest he thought he saw something so he got closer an evil villian came out of a tree "What do you have there" said the villian
"Some 7up for my father in the hospital" said Shang chi
the villian got away but shang chi carried on running through the forest.
chapter 3
Soon shang chi saw the hospital that had a green plus sighn when he got to the hospital he went in when he got to his father's room he knocked on the door
"Who is it" said his father
"It's me shang chi" and in he went
Chapter 4
Shang chi sat with his father while he was sick in bed "Want some 7up" said Shang chi
"No i'm fine" said his father
"What big eyes you have" said shang chi
"All the better to see you with" said his father
"What big feet you have" said shang chi
"All the better to kick you with!" said the villian
the villian took off his disguise and attacked Shang chi
the villian wanted to defeat shang chi and steal the gold rings luckily the hospital owners heard the fuss and called the police when the police got there they also heard the fuss and went to the room they arrested the villian and shang chi found his father laying under the bed the police helped his father out and shang chi and his father lived happily ever after.