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The Eastover Bust

by Gant, NeTalya T


The Eastover
By: Ne'Talya Gant
There was a young 12 year old girl by the name of Tiffany Hop. She had two sisters - four year old Ariana and seventeen year old Eden. They lived in Eastover, SC where the drug rate was at its all time high. Parents sold drugs to other children's parents to make sure that their families' basic needs were met. It was a time where jobs paid little and the money wasn't enough to live comfortably. Some days, Tiffany didn't come home to lights or hot water and would be forced to take baths at the neighbors' houses just to be clean for school the next day.
Ariana, Eden and Tiffany
Tiffany was a powerful, God fearing, humble pre-teen. God spoke to her and he showed her things that other people couldn't see with the naked eye. She was spiritually led, although young Tiffany walked with God she had her struggles. Tiffany and her older sister Eden would get picked on while they rode the school bus for having to take showers at the neighbors house. Eden would often get in trouble for defending her and her little sister. Tiffany felt horrible and embarrassed about it but at the same time she felt bad that the same kids that were picking on her were the same kids whose parents were buying drugs from her mother. Even though the kids would pick on her, she still felt bad for them. She didn't like that her mom were taking those kids' parents away from them due to the drugs. She begged her mom to stop because in her heart it wasn't right and God had already been showing her visions of her mom in prison behind those four walls. She pleaded for her mom to find an alternative solution to make sure that their needs were met.
Tiffany's mom somewhat took her words into consideration because she knew that God spoke to her. Her mom calmed down but as a mother she had to provide for her 3 little girls. Tiffany's mom was one out of ten siblings so she had it hard as a child as well. Tiffany's mom did her absolute best to be a mother and provide for her children. She taught them to stand up for themselves. She taught them about God and the bible. She let them know that right is right and wrong is wrong. She taught them how to respect authority. She taught and let them know that education was important. She did everything in her power to make sure her kids would be successful and thrive in life with or without her, whether the girls realized it or not. Tiffany continued to envision her mom in prison, still having the dreams about it but the whole time she was praying against it.
Tiffany's life instantaneously went down the drain and she, Eden and Ariana unintentionally had been forced to grow up and fend for themselves. Tiffany remained faithful to God the whole time, and she never blamed God because she knew the word of God "you will reap what you sow." When their mom went to prison the girls moved into the city, Columbia, SC where they went into hiding, scared to become products of the system. Eden got a job and Tiffany did hair to make sure that the bills were paid, food was in the house and they had clothing for them and their baby sister Ariana. Tiffany hated Mother's Day because she couldn't be with hers. Her whole childhood was snatched away from her. She had to become an adult without even knowing what that was like because her mother was never really present in her life. Tiffany had become pregnant at 16 with a baby girl whom she named Shannon and she later had a baby boy. She was struggling. She was hurt, depressed and confused. Tiffany was juggling being a full time parent to her two children and her sister, all while doing hair to make sure their needs were met.
Tiffany was a smart girl, who took her education serious but her life was so overwhelming. She fell behind in her studies which caused her to dropped out of school. Her dreams to go the Navy and to become a Lawyer had been laid to rest. The girls later found out that their mom didn't go to prison for anything that she did. She was falsely accused of a crime she didn't commit but due to her past allegations, the story seemed believable and she was sentenced to life in prison. The young prophetess wasn't going for that. She turned to the only person she knew could help, God. Tiffany prayed day and night that her mom's sentence would be reduced because she couldn't bare the pain of never having a mother again.
Tiffany Praying