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September 11 Stories & Tributes

by Freshman 2022-2023


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Brady Morrison
Zoe Brinker-Long
    9/11 Remembrance Story

I interviewed my mom, Jessica Hollis. My mom was headed to her morning college class when my grandma ( her mom ) called her and told her that the first tower was hit. She met up with my dad who had no clue about it so she told him everything. They went to class and they turned the TV on. The first person my mom called was my grandpa (her dad)My mom said that before September 11, 2001, she didn’t think that terrorism was happening in America. When she found out she was alone. 9/11 made my mom more aware that something like that can happen again. She saw the live videos of both towers being hit, debris everywhere, images of people injured, and first responders helping people. Jessica thought at that time that it would take at least a year to clean up the town and get back to normal. The country was affected by having security raised. People feared more attacks/ expected more attacks, and people were scared. My mom said that she flew in a plane before and after 9/11 and she said that the difference was big. When she went before she could just walk right in and get on the plane. We went this summer on a plane and we had to go through a ton of security and they would go through our bags, take our shoes off, and we couldn’t have a lot of liquid on the plane. That is the story of what my mom on September 11th, 2001.
Marlo Hollis