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by Noah Cywinski


By Noah
Table of contents.
Rainforest animals page 4 and 5.
About the author page 8 and 9
Glossary page 8
Rain forest Plants page 6 and 7
There is a lot to learn about rainforest animals. Let me tell you more.
To Begin, Adult Gorillas can stand up to 6 feet. Gorillas also make nest lt out of leaves and branches.
Rainforest animals.
Next, Jaguars like to hunt at night. They weigh between 100 and 25 pounds.
Finally, spider monkeys weigh 10 to 19 pounds. Can live for 27 years.
Rainforest plants.
There are many interesting plants in the Rein forest. To begin, Trees in a rainforest can be as tall as buildings. In fact, trees in the canopy offen grow more than 200 feet. Also, vines climb up tree trunks. These vines are called lianas. Finally, Kapok trees can grow 200 feet Kapok trees are also know as ceibay.