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Our future

by Adrian Bricicari


A fairy tale about our future
In this ebook I have revealed a story that is hard to swallow for some, even if it may not be relevant, I hope you like it. enjoy your reading

Introducere... page 4
First Chapter... page 5
Second Chapter... page 6-7
Third Chapter... page 8-9
The final ideas... page 10-11
The story begins in the distant future, where the countries of the earth are divided into 3 parts. Repatriated on their way of development.
The last countries are those of the 3rd world, where people live in agony, there is chaos controlled by global corporations, the population here is constantly declining. In these countries you need to hunt in order not to be hunted. Rape, fights, robbery are the order of the day.
These countries were most devastated by the 3rd World War.
First chapter

Second chapter
Next we have second world countries. These are still under development due to global corporations extracting the remaining natural ores. The citizens are slaves, they have to work in order to survive.
These countries have a rich infrastructure, but it is over the limit, everything reaches a concrete jungle, destroying all nature. People are being spied on by the government through chips, satellites, every call is being listened to, to stop a revolt from the people