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The Cherokee Native Americans

by Drew


The Cherokee Native Americans
By Drew
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Geography and Climate

The Cherokee tribe is in the middle of many states. The states it is in are part of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. This tribe is part of the southeastern woodlands. But the Cherokees are currently located in Oklahoma. Some of the most important waterways include the Savannah river and little Tennessee river. The only huge land feature was the Appalachian mountains other than that the land was mostly flat and had some hills. The climate of the location is very cold in winter and very hot in the summer so spring and fall is a very comfortable time for the Cherokee tribe.

These things made this region a great place for the Cherokee tribe.
---------------Appalachian mouaintains
Map of the Cherokee Land-------------

The Cherokee tribe had different houses for different seasons. The Cherokee summer house was called a sweat house. One thing the Cherokee tribe did in the sweat house is separate the house into two sections. The front half of the home was for living. The back half of the house was for the possessions. Cherokee sweat houses can be from one to two stories high and look similar to cabins now. 

The second Cherokee house was a winter house. The winter house was called an Asi an Asi is a large rock with a hole the hole was like a front door the front door was always facing west to see the sunrise. The Asi roof could be up to seven inches thick. The Asi was a very warm house and was mostly underground and protected the cherokees from harsh weather. The Asi was the most sturdy Cherokee house. 

The Cherokee villages were very large. There are normally 30-60 homes per village and about 200 people would live in a Village at a time.

These are the different types of Cherokee homes.