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What is an FBA?

by Lindsey Blackman


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Functional Behavior Assessment
By: Lindsey Blackman
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What is FBA?
A functional behavior assessment is a process used when a student's behaviors are impeding his/her learning and/or the learning of others on a consistent basis.
"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."
- Alexander Den Heijer
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Step 3
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Step 1
Fill out rating scales regarding the student's behaviors and lagging skills
Step 2
Step 4
Conduct interviews w/ staff members, student, and parents regarding the student's behaviors and lagging skills.
Adjust and/or change the environmental factors to assess changes in behavior; this should also include staff responses and ideas for skill building.
After all information is collected, the IEP team gathers to hypothesize the function of the behavior; determine setting events, antecedents, replacement behaviors, the desired behavior, & consequences for the replacement and desired behavior.
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Create the BIP
Crucial elements include: antecedents, the behavior, consequences, and setting events.
Collect data to and monitor progress.