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Flex Homemade Arts Cookbook

by Kristin Bailie

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Homemade Arts Club Cookbook
This book is full of recipes from the FLEX homemade arts club in our online learning community.
From our homes to yours - enjoy!
Table of Contents:
Main Dishes
From Lena *Pancake*
You are going to need




Pancake mix

First, your going to need 2 eggs, than mix the eggs about 1 min.
Next, put the milk into the same bowl and then mix them to-gather for 30 sec. Then put the sugar into the same bowl as the eggs and milk then mix for 20-40 sec. last put the pancake mix in to the bowl then mix them all to-gather, move all batter in to a pan, than put onto the stove. For 2 mins each.
Ananya Lo
Balsamic Brussels sprouts.

A sour-ish appetizer. This may sound gross to those who don't like Brussels sprouts, but it will change your mind. It is one of my favorite appetizers.
This appetizer have very simple ingredients.

-Olive oil
-Brussels sprouts
First, wash the Brussels sprouts then soak in salt water for 5-10 mins to kill bacteria. Second, put the stove to medium heat and drizzle a little bit of olive oil, then add Brussels sprouts. Cook till the Brussels are cooked properly or to your taste. Third, put the Brussels sprouts in a plate, and add 4-7 tablespoons depending on how much sauce you want or how much Brussels sprouts you have. Turn the heat on low and stir slowly. Fourth, add a tablespoon gochujang for a little spice and a pinch of salt. Mix in well. Finally, Drizzle a little more olive oil (if you would like too) and pour the balsamic sauce on top, and your done!