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by kushagra trehan


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By-Kushagra Trehan
Aquatic Habitat
Sharks have gills that help them breathe underwater. They are Carnivorous and eat other animals like other fish. They are one of the most Vicious predators known to mankind . Following are a few types of sharks :
1) great white shark
2)bull shark
3)hammer head shark
4)cat shark
In total there are 400 to 500 different types of sharks
Terrestrial habitat
Cows are domestic animal. They provide us milk. They eat hay and grass.
They are harmless farm animals and they are also worshiped as God.
Forest habitat
Tiger are carnivorous animals .
They are also vicious predators like Shark but unlike sharks there hunt on land rather than in water. they usually eat other animals like deer rabbit and other small animals.
And their habitat is the forest
Desert habitat
Deserts are places where there is no or very less water.
Camels can live without water for days because it has a system with which it can store food and water
hence it can survive in the desert. It is also known as the the desert's ship.
Polar regions and mountains
The Polar region (Antarctica and Arctic) and high mountain
are extremely cold and covered with snow. Polar Bears and walrus are found in polar regions whereas Yaks and mountain goats are found on mountains.