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Online Safety for Kids

by Lineshi Dharamraj


Lineshi Dharamraj
Learn important points on how to stay safe online.
Internet Safety
Learning Outcomes
In this book you will:
1. Identify cyber-security risks when using the internet.
2. Recognise Smart rules when using the internet.
Online Safety
The Internet is a wonderful place for learning and playing. Children love to find interesting information for projects on the internet and play games online with their friends.

The internet can also be a very dangerous place for children and adults. If we communicate with the wrong people they can use our personal information to cause harm to us. It is important to know what to share on the internet.

We also need to ensure that we are working on internet websites that are safe. Some websites save our information and use it to access our computers and cause harm. Some websites might contain viruses that can cause chaos if our computer is infected. All of the work stored on our computer can be lost.

Do not share information such as your address, phone number,
family information, car information, passwords, Identity numbers, credit or
debit card details, or bank account information. Also, make sure that your computer does not store your information for later use- this is important when making online purchases.
Did you know?
Listen to cybersmart Rehan.
Know the risks
Think before you Click, Like or Share!

Everyone can view any information posted or shared on the Internet.  Be careful when opening emails from unknown people or suspicious sources, especially when they are uninvited. Clicking links or downloading attachments can infect your computer with a virus or subject you to fraud, malware, or scams.
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➊ Cyberbullying
➋ Forcing/ encouraging children to participate in risky challenges
➌ Invasion of Privacy
➍ Identity theft (someone pretending to be you online)
➎ Seeing offensive pictures or videos
➏ Indoctrination of kids to learn bad habits or practices