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Здоровый образ жизни: режим руда

by veronica m



Здоровый образ жизни: режим труда
Макарова Вероника Витальевна
группа 110/1 
Факультет иностранных языков

1. Why healthy lifestyle is important? 3
2. Main habits 4
3. Biological rhythm 5
4. How the intensity of motor activity changes during the day? 7
5. The main provisions of the work and rest regime 9
6. Sleep 10
Why healthy lifestyle is important?
Man’s health depends on his mode of life. To prevent the diseases it’s necessary to keep some simple regulations: to go in for sports, to eat carefully, to take a rest and to walk frequently in the open air.
Healthy lifestyle has gotten in our cultural behavior big time and everyone understands that if you have healthy habits you improve your living. Everybody should start to take care of his health in his youth.It’s easier to take care of our health than to recover it.
Main habits
There are 2 main habits that you have to follow if you choose to follow healthy lifestyle. The first one is healthy eating. If a person doesn’t eat healthy then all the other habits will be useless. The second main thing is to do sports. Such sports as jogging, gymnastics, fitness, swimming, yoga, aerobics, bike riding are important. It is a good practice to do some exercises in the morning as well.
Biological rhythm
When a clear regime is observed, a certain biological rhythm of organism functioning is developed, i.e. a dynamic stereotype in the form of a system of alternating conditioned reflexes is developed. They make it easier for the body to perform its work, because they create conditions and opportunities for internal physiological preparation for the upcoming activity. For example, if you do mental or physical work every day at the same hours, the organism is as if 'brought' to an increased capacity for work.
It should be remembered that the existing rhythms of the organism are not independent and independent, but are related to the fluctuations of the external environment, determined mainly by the change of day and night, as well as fluctuations of cycles corresponding to the month, season of the year.
Chronobiology studies the relationship between processes occurring in the body depending on the environment. The rules of work and rest regime are based on the laws of rhythmic processes of the human body. Metabolic processes, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and body temperature decrease at night.