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The Three Owls

by ijja & Ice Cookie


The Three Owls
By Ijja and Ice cookie
Once an upon a time there were three owls and their names were Ice Cookie, Eve, and Ijja and they always chat and play games together and have snacks! and one day they had an APRIL BREAK SLEEPOVER! I know it is so cool, Ok everyone let us see what the three owls are doing in their sleepover.
"YAY! you are finally here Ice and Eve!" Said Ijja "OMG WOW YOUR TREEHOUSE LOOKS AMAZING!" Said Ice "Thanks but okay Bffs what should we do?" Said Eve
"We can sleep??" Said Ice
"NO!!" Said Eve and Ijja
"This is not the whole point of a sleepover!" Said Ijja
"Lets Play Outside" Said Ice, Ijja and Eve
"OH NO! It is raining outside!" Said Eve
"Wait" Said Ijja "What.." Said Ice "I have an idea maybe you two can explore in my treehouse meanwhile I will bake us some cookies and make respberry cupcakes with some hot chocolate!
"Ok It is time to sleep " Said Ijja's Mom
"Get in your sleeping bags" Said Ijja's Mom
"Ok Mom," Said Ijja "Ok girls let us get some sleep!"