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Harris Student and Family Guide to Learning AT Home


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Student and Family Guide to
Learning At Home
1. Single Sign On/ClassLink App

2. SAISD Google Account & Email

3. iPad Basic Troubleshooting Guide

4. Harris Virtual Learning Schedule

5. Google Classroom 101

6. Remind 101: Communication Between Teachers, Students, and Families

7. Harris Student Virtual Learning Schedule

8. SAISD Digital Learning Playground

9. Friday Enrichment and Travel With Words

10. App Tutorials and Support
Single Sign On/ ClassLink App
SAISD Classlink is a one-stop location with more than 50 SAISD digital resources for students such as digital textbooks, Brainpop, Imagine Math, NewsELA, and more! Students need their SAISD username and password to sign in. Click on the video or documents below to learn how students can access their digital resources through the Classlink App
SAISD Google & Email Accounts
Students can access the entire Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Drive, etc.) using their SAISD email address and password. Student passwords all follow the same format Capital first name initial + Lower last name initial + ID#. Example Password for John Doe: Jd123456.

Below is a brief description of each of the most commonly used apps in the Google Suite. Click on the hyperlinks to visit the app help page for answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Students can use Google Docs to create, edit, and share documents. All Google Docs students create are automatically saved in their Google Drive. Students can collaborate on a Doc in real time with anyone with a Google Account.
In Google Classroom, students can track classwork and materials, submit assignments, get feedback and grades, and communicate with their teachers and peers.
Google Slides lets students create presentations. Multiple people can work on a presentation at the same time, students can see changes as they’re made, and every change is automatically saved to their Google Drive.
Students can store their files securely and open or edit them from any device using Google Drive. All items students create within Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. are all automatically saved to their Google Drive.
iPad Troubleshooting Guide
Need More Help?
Call the SAISD HelpDesk

(210) 244-2929
Having issues with your iPad? Check out this basic troubleshooting guide to try and resolve the issue.
At-Home Learning Tip
Press to Listen
Google Classroom 101
Is your student in need of one of his/her teacher's Google Classroom codes? No problem! This document contains ALL of the Harris Google Classroom Codes
Speech Bubble
Remind 101: Communication Between Teachers, Students, and Families
Remind is a communication platform that helps educators reach students and parents where they are. Harris educators will be using Remind to regularly communicate with students and families. The videos below show how to enroll in Remind classes. The document below contains all of the Remind class codes and email addresses for ALL Harris educators.
How can I help my child cope during COVID-19?

Speech Bubble