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Susan, The Cunning Mugger

by Karol Fonseca

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The structure of the society mentioned in the story reflects damage and insecurity, as it is clearly seen that the role of the characters show the role of victim and victimizer at different times.
At the beginning you can see that many things have not changed from that story to the present, I even consider that the situation remains and is getting worse. If we look, the insecurity of our society is growing and involves a very big problem for everyone, and even the authorities often don't fulfill their role of ensuring the protection of citizens.
In fact, that is one of the things that should change, both in that society and in the current one, it is necessary to feel a greater care on the part of the authorities, to reduce the figures that revenge or to take justice by own hands in front of the insecurity that afflicts us.
In our real life, from our context, in my country the police and the judicial system react responding that first the facts must be clarified; Most of the time, nothing really happens and the victim is not given an answer, and in the event that the aggressor is captured, the process is closed and as days go by, he is released, leaving the case as if nothing had happened, or simply there never was a crime, nor a cause, let alone a victim.

If I were part of a situation similar to the one shown in Lazy Susan, perhaps I would show values such as social responsibility, empathy, justice and honesty.
For example, if I were faced with a situation similar to the one in the story, I would react like Susan, because I would feel frustrated and very bad, since I would think that it is unfair that someone steals my money that I worked for and that I cost to earn .
If there had been a different reaction, the story would have a different ending because the revenge and the desire to repeat history, generates more social problems and society begins to create a vicious circle where everyone acts badly.

It's for that, that I think if it presents a situation like the story and we can see a optimum reaction by the police, I'm sure that all will be better than currently. In addition to that, the convenience would be rewarding.