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by Aspasia Mylona


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1. Acting to Jordanian's story "Sport and Health"
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Ahmed and Ayman are friends since childhood. They spent many years together, and even after school at the university, they remained friends. One day, they were in their lecture at the university and suddenly Ayman started to feel pain in his foot.
Ahmed: What is wrong with you, Ayman?
 Ayman: I feel very pain, I don't think I can complete the lecture.
 Ahmad: Well let's get out of here.
 Ahmed and Ayman came out of the lecture as they walked out:
 Ahmad: Have you ever had this pain, Ayman?
Ayman: Yes, it has been repeated for a while.
 Ahmed: And why didn't you go to the doctor?
 Ayman: I think it's an accident and it will be gone soon, don't worry.
 Ahmed: No, Ayman, you have to go to the doctor to check on you.
 Ayman: Well, I will go now. see you tomorrow.
Ayman went to the doctor and waited a little while his turn came and when he entered, Doctor: Hi Ayman, what are you suffering from?
 Ayman: I have been suffering from pain in my feet and tiredness in my body from a while ago, and I thought at first that it was normal, but I see it getting worse.
 Doctor: Okay I will write some blood tests for you now, you should do it and then come back to check on your health.
 Ayman went out to the laboratory for tests. After he performed it, he waited a little while to obtain the results and returned it to the doctor. When the doctor saw the results and examined them:
 Ayman: Is there anything doctor?
 Doctor: Rest assured, there is nothing bad, but I would like to ask you about something. Ayman: Alright.
 Doctor: Do you do any sports exercises, Ayman?
 Ayman: Actually no.
 Doctor: I expected that, because there is nothing in your tests.
 Ayman: So what is the problem?
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 Doctor: All that you suffer from is laziness in your joints as a result of severe lack of movement, and this is bad for those of your age, because your lack of movement may affect your health in general in the future, and you will then have to take treatment sessions and medications that you are indispensable to and you can solve the problem since Its beginning. Ayman: And does exercise to this degree affect the body?
Doctor: Of course, Ayman, let me tell you a little bit about the importance of sports.
 Ayman : of course!
 Doctor: Well, you should keep playing sports that stimulate blood circulation in your body and give you greater immunity, as well as maintaining a healthy body building, and you will not need much health care and medications when you get old because your body will maintain its strength and health.
 Ayman: Well, I did not know that exercise has all this effect on the body, thank you doctor and I promise you that I will stick to exercise from today.
Greek team acted on this by making a comic