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Do-Ho Suh (Doh Hoh Suh) is an artist from South Korean artist originally from Seoul, South Korea. His surname, Suh, is a familial name.

He is a practicing contemporary Asian American artist still alive today with an active impact on social workings regarding human rights. He spends a good amount of time between New York City: USA, London: England and Seoul: his home town in South Korea.

His work is mostly installation piece sculpture, and many of them depict recreations of his home and nostalgic memories of Seoul, or depictions of the human condition with a heavy emphasis on highlighting human rights issues in different countries, such as South Korea, where he experienced dehumanization in both his schooling and his mandatory military service.
One event that heavily impacted Do-Ho Suh’s life, and subsequently his artwork was his schooling. He places this into his work a few different times, but his work “Uni-Form/s: Self Portrait/s: My 39 Years” completed in 2006. Here he shows how many uniforms he was forced or had to wear throughout his years, and how that uniformity and collectivism affected him as a person.

Many of Do-Ho Suh’s works focus on this section of South Korean identity and conformity and how it has impacted his life as an ideology.
Uni-Form/s: Self-Portrait/s: My 39 Years, 2006
Fabric, fiberglass resin, stainless steel, and casters
66.54 x 100 x 22.05 inches
169 x 254 x 56 cm
Edition of 3
Do-Ho Suh works in a variety of mediums, he works “found object” sculpture as seen in “Some/One” here where his sculpture is made of military dog tags to represent his and many men’s dehumanization and collective identity within the Korean military every man is required to attend and join. This work is very significant in Do-Ho Suh’s work as it is a major event in his life that caused his feelings of dehumanization and being a part of a collective, not an individual.

He works in bronze, fabric/sewn materials, metal castings, and many other materials for his varied and numerous works.
Some/One, 2001
Installation view, Do Ho Suh: in between , Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan, 2012
Seoul Home/Seoul Home/Kanazawa Home/Beijing Home/Pohang Home/Gwangju Home, 2012-present
Installation view, Perfect Home, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan, 2012–2013
Do-Ho Suh’s father, Suh Se-Ok was an traditional ink and abstract artist who practiced in the 60s. After Do-Ho Suh failed to meet criteria for becoming a Marine Biologist because of his grades, he then pursued an MFA in studio arts like his father before him.
Rubbing/Loving Project: Unit 2, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA, 2014
Colored pencil on vellum pinned on board (framed) 
63.9 x 120.08 x 7.87 cm
Do-Ho Suh worked with Art21 as a collaboration with his work “rubbing/loving (2016)”; which is a charcoal rubbing to document the different parts of Do-Ho Suh’s New York apartment. He lived in this apartment for 18 years, and it became his personal work studio as well. Although in my research I didn’t find that Suh is independently wealthy, he never had trouble paying his bills here in the apartment that “rubbing/loving (2016)” illustrates and documents