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The Chocolate Bar

by Marina McCutcheon


The Chocolate Bar
By Marina McCutcheon
There are 12 pieces in a chocolate bar.
Jeffery broke off one piece. This means he has 1 out of the total 12 pieces or 1/12 of the chocolate bar.
Samantha broke off two pieces. This means she has 2 out of the total 12 pieces or 2/12.
Together Jeffery and Samantha have 3 out of the 12 pieces or 3/12 of the whole chocolate bar because 1/12 plus 2/12 is 3/12.
This means there are only nine pieces left.
John came upon the chocolate bar next. He took three out of the nine remaining pieces or 3/9. After John, Jordyn took her turn at the Chocolate bar. She only took one out of the nine pieces or 1/9. 3/9 plus 1/9 equals 4/9. 9/9 minus 4/9 equals 5/9. This means that there are only 5 pieces of the chocolate bar remaining.