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All About Wolves

by Laurel Daniels


All about wolves.
By Laurel Daniels.
Wolves need a lot from their habitat. Such as trees. Each other. Lakes. And animals to eat Wolves are carnivores that means they eat meat. so

They have very sharp teeth.
Wolves eat animals such as elk.
Caribou moose deer. Rabbit. And beavers.
They have very strong Jaws that

Allow them. to
Break Up Bones. While they're eating.
Wolves work together as a pack to hunt surrounding an animal for both sides to catch it their coloring allows them to blend in with the forest and sneak up on prey wolves

Use a lot of different ways to communicate with each other.

Like whining. Growling. Howling.
And. Barking.
Wolves have a litter of between 4 and 7 babies called pups when they are first born pups are
Completely. Blind they are born in a den which could be a hollowed-out log or burrow all members of the pack work together to take care of the pups and teach them to hunt and communicate.
More information.
Wolves are very social animals they spend all their time together they travel hunt and play together when the pups have grown up some may leave the pack to start
Their own family. Some may stay with the pack. Wolves usually live between seven and eight years.