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My Poems

by Amanda Rydberg


My Found Poems
I joined found poetry class because
I like poetry and I wanted more time to work with found poems. It takes me a long time to create something I like so I took my time with each poem and tried many times before finding something I was happy with.
My best accomplishment in this class is
the volume of poems I created. I felt like because I tried so many, I have a better understanding of my creative process. I wasn't afraid to create something even if it wasn't "perfect" because that can stifle creativity. Instead I figured out that my best poems come from trying a lot of different things over and over until I land on something I like.
One area where I want to continue working on my skills is
Adding images and graphics to my poetry. I wanted to ask an art teacher to do it for me, but I also want to try and get better at sketching myself. I'll spend some time looking up DIY art classes to help me.