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5. World War I and the Great Depression

by Estudiante - Daniel Trejo

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5. World War I and the Great Depression
Student: Daniel Felipe Trejo Lopez
Grade: 8-3
1917-18 - US intervenes in World War I, but rejects membership of
League of Nations in its aftermath.
1920 - Women given the right to vote under the Nineteenth
1920 - Sale and manufacture of alcoholic liquor outlawed. The
Prohibition era sees a mushrooming of illegal drinking joints, home-
produced alcohol and gangsterism. The Wall Street crash of 1929
sparked the Great Depression
1924 - Congress gives indigenous people right to citizenship.
1929-33 - More than 13 million people are unemployed after the
Wall Street stock market crash of 1929 triggers the Great
Depression. President Herbert Hoover rejects direct federal relief.
1933 - President Franklin D Roosevelt launches "New Deal"
recovery programmer which includes major public works. Sale of
alcohol resumes.