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13. Republican resurgence

by Estudiante - Daniel Trejo


13. Republican resurgence
Student: Daniel Felipe Trejo López
Grade: 8-3
2014 November - Republicans win a Senate majority in mid-term
elections, gaining control of both houses of Congress and further
reducing President Obama's room for man oeuvre.
2014 December - US and Cuba begin steps to normalize diplomatic
relations after more than 50 years of stand-off.
2015 March - President Obama announces that 10,000 US troops
will remain in Afghanistan as advisors and trainers until 2016.
2015 June - US accuses Chinese hackers of massive breach of
personal data of nearly four million government workers. China
denies any role. White supremacist shoots dead nine African-American worshippers in a church in Charleston, prompting nationwide revulsion and
demands for end to public display of Confederate Civil-War-era symbols.
2015 December - FBI say Muslim couple who shot dead 14 people
and wounded 21 others at office party in San Bernadino, California,
were Islamist extremists who had prepared the attack, the worst on
US soil since September 2001, in advance.