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14. Trump elected president

by Estudiante - Daniel Trejo


14. Trump elected president
Student: Daniel Felipe Trejo Lopez
Grade: 8-3
2016 November - Republican candidate Donald Trump wins
presidential election, defeating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton
in one of the biggest political upsets in US history. He is
inaugurated in January.
2017 January - President Trump signs executive orders restricting
visas for people seeking to enter the US from certain Muslim-
majority countries, and barring funding for cities that shelter illegal
immigrants. Both policies are blocked by the courts.
Donald Trump won a surprise victory in the 2016 presidential
2017 May - President Trump sacks FBI Director James Comey,
prompting a public row about whether the White House was trying
to derail an inquiry into alleged collusion between Russian efforts to
influence the 2016 election and the Trump campaign.
2017 August - A woman is run over and killed by a suspected far-
right sympathizer amid protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.
President Trump is widely criticized for blaming both sides for
violence, rather than the neo-Nazis and White supremacists.
2017 December - US recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel and
announces plans to move embassy there, prompting anger in Arab
countries. In March 2019 the US recognizes Israeli sovereignty
over the Golan Heights.