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by solange villamar


Once upon a time, there were three brothers who were traveling on a lonely and winding road at sunset. Suddenly the brothers came to a river too treacherous to cross.
But being skilled in the art of magic the three brothers only used their wands to create a bridge.
However, before passing, a hooded figure blocked her path, it was death, and she felt disappointed because travelers normally drowned in the river. But death was cunning. He pretended to congratulate the three brothers on their magic and told them that they had earned an award for being smart enough to avoid it.

The eldest asked for a wand more powerful than any that existed, and death was made for him from a nearby elder tree. The second brother decided that he wanted to humiliate death even more, he asked for the power to bring loved ones from the grave. So death took a stone from the river and gave it to him. Finally, death turned to the third brother, a humble man. He asked for something that would allow him to leave that place avoiding death to follow him, death reluctantly gave him his own cloak of invisibility.

The first brother traveled to a distant town and with the elder wand in his hand killed a wizard with whom he had once fought. Drunk with the power the wand had given him, he presumed to be invincible. But that night, another wizard stole his wand and slit his neck from side to side. And death claimed the first brother, while the second brother went home where he took the stone and turned it three times in his hand. To his delight, the woman he had wanted to marry before his sudden death appeared in front of him, but soon turned sad and cold, no longer belonging to the world of mortals. Driven mad by his sadness, the second brother took his life to be with her, and death took the second brother. Death searched for the third brother for many years, but could never find him, only when he reached a very old age, the younger brother took off the cloak of invisibility and gave it to his son. She received death as an old friend and went with her with pleasure, leaving this life as equals.

Antioch Peverell, received the Elder Wand. Cadmus Peverell, got the Resurrection Stone. Ignotus Peverell, obtained the Cloak of Invisibility. Harry Potter owns it because his father, James, is a descendant of Ignotus Peverell, from whom he inherits the Cloak of Invisibility.