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Jelly Experiment

by Ciara May Mc Court


Our Jelly Experiment
In class today we did an experiment on jelly. Our question was what happens to jelly when it is put in hot water?
I thought that the jelly would dissolve into the water. Some other people thought that the jelly would melt and go to the bottom of the container.
We then carried out an experiment to find out the answer. We used cubes of jelly, a beaker and hot water to carry out this experiment. We watched as the water was added to observe what would happen.
We watched as the jelly slowly melted to the bottom of the beaker. The jelly didn't mix in the water until we got a spoon and mixed it ourselves, as seen at the end of the video.
We were then asked to think of another testable question that includes jelly. My group came up with the question, if we add two different colours of jelly to hot water will they mix together or stay separate?