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Nightwing's Fate
By Ruby Kemp
The wind howled and the trees swayed. An owl hooted loudly in the distance. Night had fallen. A long sheet of snow lay beneath the trees, covering their roots. A lone, black cat stood out amongst the pure white, leaving a small trail of paw-shaped footprints in its midst. It had long, black fur, and multi-coloured eyes. One was bright blue, the other jet black. A deep scar ran through the black eye, giving the cat a sinister impression. He had been walking for days. He was tired, hungry, lost… but still, he carried on, focusing on his task. His brother would pay for humiliating him. And when he found him… he was going to rip him to shreds. And he wouldn't be satisfied until his brother was dead. The cat stopped at a long road that ran through the forest. A car whizzed past his nose, blowing back his fur. He took a step back. He had crossed many roads before, yet for some reason this one felt significant, as though it was more important than the others. He shrugged off the feeling of doubt that had begun to creep up his spine, and stepped forward onto the road. It was quiet, so he confidently began to cross. But to his sudden surprise, a car came whizzing around the corner, its engine screaming loudly, heaving music pumping out the windows. There was nothing he could do. The car came hurtling towards him. He needed to run, but his legs felt frozen. Seconds before impact, he felt something ram into him from his right, pushing him out of the way of the car with seconds to spare. When the black cat looked up at who had saved him, the cat that could've let him die, that cat that he had wanted dead, he smiled, and everything was forgiven.
By Joey Vasquez
One day a girl named Joey got her first camera. Joey was so happy to use it. She wanted to show her friends her new camera so she invited them over. 1 hour past and all of her friends arrived. " Yeah, for Christmas I got this sick new camera, isn't it cool?," She asked her friends. They all nodded yes. Joey started to get the party going and asked her friends what snacks they want. In the kitchen there was joey whipping up some guacamole her dad taught her to make when she was younger. She wanted to take a picture to. make the memories last for the night. *CLICK* the camera went.She let them sit for a little. 2 hours past and Joey looked back at the pictures.Joey saw nothing really weird in the back ground. I was tall and scary. Joey was terrified. Now every picture she takes, It always there. Joey just started to live with it....
By:Felixia Olivas