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Tollis and Cerberus

by 16 hawks


By Tomas
Many centuries ago, there was a brave and strong warrior named Tollis, who lived with a poor family (12 brothers and one sister). Tollis had toxic green eyes. Rough skin covered his bare feet. They lived inside a rock near Kings' castle. Every day they went to the forest to hunt. One day a giant Cerberus with enormous paws and large teeth dripping blood approached them. The Cerberus roared, "Someone must fight me for me soon in combat or I will destroy this kingdom!"
The king decided to organize an event to choose the select a warrior to fight against the mighty beast.
The end of the event was a few days away and the king had gathered his people for the lottery. He pulled a name out of the jar and read. "Tollis Dardanos!"
Facing the most complicated journey of his life, Tollis who normally feared nothing, went to the local temple and prayed for gifts but the gods did not hear him. Luckily he knew a blacksmith who gave him a golden bow, poisoned tip arrows, a well-polished sword and a shield to defeat the monster. Gathering his courage, Tollis went to the wellborn cavern. Tollis was very great full to the blacksmith; he had old with wrinkled skin but he was very good at making weapons. The blacksmith wanted to help because he too had fought the creature years ago in his village. He had survived, but only just.
On the second day, the Cerberus came to the kingdom; its hair moved like a rice stalks in the wind. Instead of one deadly head, he had three with scars all around his body from fighting others who had tried to defeat him, but failed and died. Blood poured out of his mouth like a waterfall, and his eyes were flashing red. Cerberus' tongue hung from one side of its mouth as blood dripped from its lips.
After an exhausting journey over the red cliff rocky forest, Tollis finally arrived at the Wellborn cavern. Valiantly, he made his way into the moonless night cave. Every nerve in his body warned him not to go any further. Everywhere he looked were skeletons from others. A wave of terror washed over him. How could he defeat Cerberus? Then he remembered the gifts from the blacksmith! Using the bow and the arrows, he shot the monster's eyes. Cerberus fell to the floor. Tollis took his sword stabbed the monster in the face and then took the poison tip arrows and threw them at the monster, and used his shield because the poison makes the legs move dangerously.
Upon Tolli's return to his beloved kingdom, Tollis was escorted into the castle, the delighted king ecstatically exclaimed, "Yes you're back! Did you kill him?"
"Yes, and i have the proof" replied Tollis.
"Show me," said the king. Tollis opened a bag with an ear from the monster. The king gave Tollis a reward - one million gold coins, Tollis and his family became rich and the king gave them rooms in the castle.

When Tollis came back to the castle he found a wizard-like ghost flying around the room. It peered down at him and screeched, "This is not over yet!" After, it disappeared into the night, Tollis realised that his adventures had only just begun...

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