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Google for Education for Admin Staff

by Daniel Bull


Google Mail
Auto-organize your inbox with filters
Create filters to automatically delete, star, or forward your mail, and to apply labels to relevant incoming messages.

This will help to identify and organise incoming mail.

For example, your inbox may be full of irrelevant messages such as event acceptances and declines. Set up a filter to have Gmail automatically archive them so your boss has a clean inbox and can focus on the most important messages.
Apply labels to manage your emails
Labels allow you to organise your emails in Gmail. In many ways they act like folders, where emails can be moved and then later found in a named location.

The special thing about labels is that you can have more than one label for an email.

For example, imagine your have an email from a parent about a school trip. You could have a label for "Parent correspondence" and "Trip to Dover Castle". You can apply both labels to help you organise and find the email when you need it.
Schedule emails to send later
When you have the time to send an email, it doesn't necessarily mean it is the right time for the recipient to receive it.

By using the schedule send feature you can choose when the email gets sent and therefore received.

This is a great way of ensuring your emails have the most impact by scheduling them for when the recipient may be most likely to see and action it. It is also an important way of supporting other people's work-life balance by scheduling the email for when they are due to be working.
Save time using prewritten text
Do you find there are emails that you are writing over and over again? The template function in Gmail is a great way to save time by creating a range of templates you can use again and again.

You can create a variety of templates, from long pieces of information, through to a website link you find you have to keep sending people.

Using templates take seconds and can save you minutes every time.