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Bonds and Elements

by Garrett Esponda


Types of Elements and Compounds
By: Mr. Esponda
Where do we find metals on the Periodic Table?
Metals are on the middle and left side of the periodic table.
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What do metals look like in real life? All sorts of shapes and sizes, some you may not think of as metals!
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Where do we find non-metals on the periodic table? Non-metals are on the far right side fo the periodic table.
What do non-metals look like in real life? Many  non-metals are gasses, but some are even solids.
Where can you find them on the periodic table?
They are between the metals and non-metals 
What do they look like in real life? Typically they are metal
What are Covalent Bonds? Covalent Bonds are bonds between two non-metals
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What are ionic bonds? Ionic bonds are bonds between a metal/metaloid and a non-metal
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