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Our rooms

by Grade 4


Our rooms
My bed and my TV are opposite of my wardrobe. My Tv is left of my bed. My window is left of my bed.
The cupboard is opposite the shelf. The bed is on the carpet.
The Xbox is next to the Nintendo switch. They are both on the shelf.
The bed is in front of the window. The window is behind the curtains.
One wardrobe is on the left and one wardrobe is on the right.
In my room are a chair with a long table and two school
bags. One is from my sister and one from me. I have a big wardrobe, it’s pink and white. And my lovely bed is so good and nice.
My carpet is red pink yellow red and blue.
The bed is next to the window. The Nintendo is on the
table. A book is on the tabel. The chair is under the table. The door is next to the table. The LED lamp is next to the door.