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The Hungry Hungry Alligator

by Madison Schuyler


The Hungry Hungry Alligator
By: Miss Schuyler
Once upon a time in a far away swamp many creatures lived a happy life! Fish were swimming, frogs were hopping, and the snakes were slithering.
One day... all the creatures heard a LOUD noise!
It was The Hungry Hungry Alligator's belly grumbling!
The hungry hungry alligator asked every creature in the swamp, "Where can I find some food?"
Where is food?
After walking and asking around all day the hungry hungry alligator was giving up hope. He felt like he was never going to find something to eat. Then, all of the sudden, the hungry hungry alligator picked up a sweet scent. Could this really be some food the hungry hungry alligator could eat?
as the hungry hungry alligator was following the scent, he found watermelon! on one side of the path there were five pieces, on the other side there was two slices.
the hungry hungry alligator needed to decide which side of the path he should go to.