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How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?

by Field Study 1


Geography of the West: How has it shaped us and our economy?
By: Andrew L
Table of Contents
1 - Title
2 - Table of Contents
3 - Comic for the 5 themes of Geography
4 - What is Geography?
5-22 - How does Geography shape the West
Geography shapes us in many ways, from what we eat, to where we live, to how we act. We usually eat what is around us. For example, if you live in the plains, you will eat a lot of buffalo. If you live on the coast, you will eat a lot of fish.
The Last Spike
The Last Spike represents Movement, and the connection of the whole of Canada. The Last Spike was when the last spike was nailed in to a railroad connecting the east to the west of Canada. If not for this railroad, BC might be in the United States! This connects to me because I might be living in the US, even though BC is currently a part of Canada. This connects to economy because the CPR brought money and goods to trade with.