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Mako sharks

by Jax Suchdev


Mako sharks
Welcome, ladies and gents. My name is Jax, and you should donate to the ocean conservancy. I am a mako shark lover; I adore mako sharks, and when I found out mako sharks were being killed, I had to do something. So I decided to create a speech about this will contain the species' slow growth rate and how many mako sharks get slain each year. You will learn more in the paragraph below. Now let's begin.
First, over 1 million mako sharks are killed each year. Assuming they can survive that extended lack of fishing regulations. That means that as many as 1 million shortfin mako sharks are caught and killed yearly. They didn't do anything wrong they're not invasive, and they have families,s, as we do, so killing them, wouldn't be good if they were planning to get revenge. Now let's get to something more serious.

Second The species' slow growth rate is terrible, and if we kill them, they won't be able to reproduce. Then if we kill
Third, Mako Sharks play essential roles in marine ecosystems as top predators. The main threat to Mako Sharks is overfishing. Shortfin Makos are exceptionally valuable for their meat, fins, and sport. Would mako sharks not be harmed after all we should? appreciate mako sharks for all the times we have killed them and taken them from their family
most importantly
Eighteen species of mako sharks have been killed. According to the 2017 stock assessment, there are only two species left. This is because shortfin mako sharks are overfished and subject to overfishing. As a result, shortfin mako sharks are classified as Endangered globally by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species. And mako sharks are scarce, and the only mako shark attack was because someone tried to catch it on a hook.
Visit the mako shark conservatory to help save the mako sharks. The person who created the mako shark conservatory is Bill Kardash 
hope you enjoyed
sincerely jax

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