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The Atlas Six simplified

by Haley C


The story begins....
(also known as medians)
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These six magicians are chosen to live in a magical kingdom named the Alexandrian society...
This kingdom holds a library that holds the secrets of all magical powers, and to use it you must be taught for one year
They have to be nice to each other, and work together to learn more magic
But, this is hard because of their differences
They make friend groups and enemies, they have a hard time working together
Libby and Nico control the physical side of magic
Reina - can control the earth and plants
Parisa and Callum are mind readers and can control people
Tristian - can see through made-up things (called illusions)
The leader of the society is named Atlas Blakely
Their main teacher is named Dalton Ellery
Atlas controls the 6 magicians and makes them hate, or like each other
He is very smart and is using them for his own plans
Working together is very difficult, and the groups start to despise each other
All of a sudden, Nico and Libby sense that someone has entered the school...
They realize that they are not good people
Having to work together, they get rid of the bad people and stop them from finding the library