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Bucket List

by Luis Marcelo Mogas Garza

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It would be cool if
Bucket List
Luis Marcelo Mogas Garza
1- Go skiing in the snow

I have never gone skiing, barely even seen snow, and i feel like its an experience that everyone should do. Not just because everyone's done it but because it looks very fun to me.
2- Visit Italy
Ive always wanted to go to Italy because i like the country but now i have more reason to go because i have Italian ancestors and i think it would be nice to visit, that mabye explains why i had always liked Italy.
3- Visit Switzerland and regions near it
A very beautiful country and from what ive seen and heard its very peacefull and just overall breathtaking works from mother nature.
4- Skydive
I have always wondered how it feels to jump from such a height and go super fast and then land smoothly. I have so many questions like how does it feel when you are falling, does it not hurt to go that fast, how can you even breathe going that fast, etc.
5- Go to space
I want to see earth and possibly other things from space and i want to be able to jump and fly because the low gravity. Also i want to see if its even real or what it really is like up there.
6- Write a book
People who write books have a very peacefull and patient personality and most of all they are very smart and have been through many experiences. Mabye one day when i am old i will write a book about something i know very well of.
7- Live on a beach
Whenever i am on the beach or on a cost i just feel so good and its like even my body feels the same way. I would love to wake up and see a sunrise in the ocean, with a smell of sand and sea water.