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The Wicked house of dread.

by Universe


The Wicked House Of Dread
By Black hole studios
By Universe
One busy and creepy Halloween night Gregory was trick or treating in his neighbourhood.
Gregory was a lonely boy, he never had any friends.Gregory was just walking past the creepy old house that everyone says is haunted with a terrifying ghost that if it catches you it will boil you in a soup and eat you as if you were a chicken!!!
All of a sudden two boys on skateboards rushed past him and ripped his sack of treats off him! Then they threw it over the road and into the haunted house's window!
Gregory had no choice; he had to go in…’
Gregory crept slowly but carefully across the street, he didn't want to get caught or be seen by anyone.
Finally he got to the door, slowly he opened it, crrreeeeeekk. Gregory crept into the haunted house on the wall there were hanging knives, swords and blades with diamond edges.
Gregory felt a cold breeze blow through the broken glass windows, he had chills sprint down his spine. Suddenly he spotted his pack of sweets, some of it had spilled out. He quickly picked it up and was about to leave when he heard banging coming from the wardrobe!!! Gregory ran to the door but it was jammed!
The banging got louder and louder, and then all of a sudden the wardrobe opened and Gregory found a clown staring at him with blood curling blood red eyes! Gregory fainted.
Gregory awoke a few hours later in his bedroom.
At first Gregory was confused but he decided it was all a bad dream.
Later that night…
Something rustled in the corner of the room and a creature  with glowing red eyes emerged.
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