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How to Take Care of a Baby

by Arizbet C



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How to take care of a baby
~basic things about a baby~.

~How to feed a baby~.
~How to comb a baby~.
~play with your baby~.
~change your baby correctly~.
Can you take a baby for a walk?~.
~bath your baby properly.~
~teach a baby to walk~.
~basic things about a baby~.

Babies are like any other person only that you have to be more careful with a baby as they are very fragile newborns one of the most important things that someone has to know is that babies be fed maintained and take care of them properly as a baby can die of laugh like a person if you throw your baby in the air and catch him he can die maybe from a stroke
that's one of several possibilities so you don't have to do it there are more ways other things you could be doing that could kill a baby like feeding him things he can't or they're bad like feeding him hard things is wrong or big things like if you want to give him apple and he has been born for months and you give him a big piece he could choke and die.
when a baby grows he can do things that he couldn't do before, like eat other things and do other activities like crawling, for example he can eat some things that aren't so hard and he can crawl or walk there are some babies who only walk and don't crawl others about how to make him food or other things about how to teach him to walk will come in the other chapters.
How to feed a baby.
a newborn baby should eat breast milk when a baby grows up and is already two years old or more, for example they can already eat gerber (porridge or puree) since it is easy for a baby to digest a baby can also drink formula that is milk powder even though they can also eat fruit, but if you want to give a baby hard fruit like apple or jicama or any other fruit, you should break it into small pieces and you can feed it to a baby when you give him powdered milk It should be warm to prepare it, you should put water as far as you want, for example 500ml if you make up to 500ml of water you should put two
tablespoons and shake very well or you can also have hot water in a thermos or put water to heat and pour it into the bottle but it must not be very hot because if it is not going to burn, the water must be lukewarm.