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My bad luck is getting worse

by Daniel Fernando Castillo Huertas


My bad luck is getting worse
I came out of an injury only to get injured again,First of all, the last time I was injured was in an amateur cycling competition several months ago, it was during a crash on a very tight curve.
Five people were injured in that crash, two with minor injuries, three with injuries, including myself, that time. I broke my leg, once again I couldn't at least finish the race with this one and it's been three times since the first race was canceled because the weather was too dangerous to continue it, the second I ended up having given up due to illness in the middle of the race this literal I felt like dying.
the third time if you have noticed I explained it first, now this is the fourth I already had my cast removed a week ago and I was practicing for the race when my brother called me I didn't expect a stupid cat to stop in the middle of the road.
Not only did I break my arm, my bike was also ruined, it will be hard for me to fix it, well, now here I am with Rufus, my dog watching TV, I'll try again next year.

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