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The Insane Show

by Ryan P. O'Driscoll

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Welcome to the Insane show, Today we have a visitor that will win a PRIZE! Welcome, RYANZLAND! I walk in awkwardly and say "yaaaay" Being dramatic. The host of the show agrees about him being dramatic. but the crowd wasn't cheering. I thought I wasn't popular or this show.
The host explained to Ryanzland what the heck he is on the stage for. The host says "You have to past me to get this prize." The host held up a "40,000 dollar" prize. I said "Alright, This will be easy." I get ready for an easy prize win. I step to get past him. But he blocked me. I tried again. I was so close to the prize but the host pushed me back and put his hands on the prize. "Its 40k, Its 5 paper books empty!" Said the host. He gave me a creepy smile. I thought "Did I just get scammed?" I stepped up to the end of the stage but the crowd was giving me a look. I said "Why are you guys giving me that look" Some people stared whistling, Some people lifted their shoulders, and some people look to their side. I gave them a straight face like I shut down or getting crapped on by my dog. I said "Really why are you guys looking at me?" I look at the host. The host said "I don't know " then smiled like that creepy smile earlier. I made a straight face at him so he can get a taste of his own medicine.
While I was telling staff right before I came on stage, They planned all along. They were on to me. The staff said "When he says : Did you guys here that right |, Respond with a no." 2 seconds later I said "Did you guys here that right" Everyone said no, I wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine, so I when the said at the same time (Foreshadowing), I said "JINX" out load. Then they guy in the back gave me a taste of his own medicine and went inside his pocket and pulled a nice and shinny uno reverse card. Everyone GASPED if someone passed out due to a fart from the 60's that was stored in the closet.
I would be passed out then.
I went back to the host and slapped him as hard as I can in the back then I said " I like ya cut G" and slapped him in the BACK of his head. Then I did the back again then the belly. I stood back just in case a BARF alarm would go off from his stomach. The person in the front of the crowd opened her eyes wide open and yelled out "VIOLENCE!!" I continued beating the host for scamming me. Then I said "This is what you get for scamming me and making me pay 1,560 dollars to be on here, WHAT AM I GETTING THEN? UR MONEY!?!" I yelled at the host a lot and then the staff came in and said show's over. She snapped her fingers and 4 security's came in and held out arm's around theirs. They kicked me out. But that won't be for long.
The rules go, If they got a trick up their sleeve, I do to.