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The Magic



6th Grade
Individual Illustrated Fiction
Author and Illustrator: Joseph Hawthorne
To my favorite authors Tui T. Sutherland and Anna Mccaffrey.
Table of Contents
Chapter One-Dragon Magic: Pages 1-4

Chapter Two-Wolf Magic: Pages 4-6

Chapter Three-Basilisk Magic: Pages 6-11

Chapter Four-Sphinx Magic: Pages 11-18

Chapter Five-Phoenix Magic: Pages 18-25


There was a boy that thought he would never be good at anything and never do anything right. This boy's name was Tyler. "Uhhhhh. Why do I have to get the weird space clams. Can't you do that?" Groaned Tyler. "No, I can't. Besides Mom told you to do it." Said Cosmo. "But your 3 years older than me. Besides mom said just yesterday, you're more mature. Besides, I have only been diving for a couple of days." Said Tyler. "Yeah, but Dad said the practice would be good." Said Cosmo. "Hey boys." Says Mom. "Tyler stop arguing, you're the one who is getting the alien clams." "FINE." Yelled Tyler. It's been 2 hours and I only have 2 clams. Mom and Dad are going to kill me. Hello Tyler. "Who was that? I have an um bucket. What was that? " "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH An WEIRD OCTOPUS WITH BAT WINGS AND A SNAKE HEAD." Screamed Tyler. "I am out of here." Come here Tyler. "NEVER." The octopus arms wrapped around Tyler and dragged him into a cave full of bioluminescent moss and oxygen. "LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOO." Then five giant monsters appeared, and Tyler tried to run but couldn't.
He was frozen in place."What's happening. "Stuttered Tyler He never got an answer. The monster started to release something and as they did, they started to disintegrate. It was a big pulsing ball of blue stuff. The stuff started to go to Tyler and Tyler tried to run and jump into the water, but some force was keeping him there. The ball got closer and closer and soon entered his body. I am Ender. I shall grant powers beyond your imagination. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD". Shouted the Tyler. Listen to me. I am your friend. "I SAID GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!" screamed the Tyler. No, you are not. Thought Tyler "You are a monster" I am your friend listen to me. Said Ender

"I shouldn't believe you" said Tyler I will grant you powers and you will find that tomorrow at 7:00 you will have forgotten everything. "I don't believe you. Because you are a big fat liar" said Tyler You should believe me. now go to sleep."But I am not tired." Yes you are. "I am getting drowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Next morning at 8:00. "What am I doing here. I thought I went home." Said Tyler "Somebody must've knocked me out and dragged me here. I have 30 minutes of air left on my tank, so I should make it home."
Once Tyler got home his parents started yelling at him. "Where have you been. You should have been home at 5:00 yesterday" said Mom "I don't remember anything from yesterday at all. I woke up in a cave." said Tyler "He must have bonked his head down there." said Dad "Well we don't have time to worry. We have to get to the satellite that were launching to monitor that weird planet." Said Mom
"Also you are staying home ,okay Tyler" "Hmp" Said Tyler. "I am getting on that ship." The next morning after a night of restless sleep Tyler snuck himself into one of his parents bag. As his parents were boarding he peeked out and saw that the ship was very crummy and not well built. He didn't care though because he was excited to see the inside of his first rocket ship.
Once on he snuck out of the bag and started to look around. As the ship took off Tyler could feel it shaking and creaking a lot. They were halfway to the planet when the spip started shaking. He hid in a cardboard box and hoped it was just funky gravity. "I am sure it is fine" Whispered Tyler Then In a blur the ship exploded."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Tyler He suddenly felt like he was swimming on silk, then he passed out and was carried off. When he opened his eyes he was being jumbled around in ...... space? "Where am I" Said Tyler Suddenly a head poked back and Tyler screamed.