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Freddys Hot Chocolate

by Lucy Kinsella

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Fair Test Investiagtion
By Lucy Kinsella
Today we are all going to work together to make a cup cozy to keep Freddy's hot chocolate warm. But what material will we use?
Materials used:
3 cups
3 Thermometers
Hot water
Tin foil
Dish Cloth
Cotton Cloth
For this Test to be fair we must keep everything the same with the exception of ONE thing. We must record the following information :
How do we make this investigation Fair ?
Thought Bubble
1. What we will change
2. What will stay the same
3. What we will measure
Experiment time
Step 1: Gather your materials and boil the kettle.
Step 2: Put the same amount of each material around the three cups.
Step 3: Once the kettles are boiled get teacher assistance to pour equal amounts of water into each cup.
Step 4: Put a thermometer in each cup.
Step 5: Record the temperature of the water in each cup in 30-second intervals for 3 minutes.
Step 6: Evaluate your results.
Group Discussion Time
Cotton wool kept the water the warmest telling us that if Freddy put Cotton wool around his cup of hot chocolate it will stay the warmest for the longest :))))
Winner Cup Cosy !!!!
Thanks, Class for helping me find the best cup cozy in the fairest way possible. I can't wait to go make a cup of warm hot chocolate.

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